How do I wash Avonli Products?

All Avonli products are safest when hand washed cold and laid flat to dry. 

Some products may be machine washed on hand wash or delicate cycle and laid flat or hung dry. 

Protect those heirloom pieces and keep them out of the dryer. 

Do you do custom orders?

I no longer take custom orders. Thank you thank you for your ideas and trust! Avonli did customs for almost seven years and I'm sad to no longer have the schedule for them.

What sizes are they?

Avonli newborn size fits best in the 6-9 lb range. They will fit a 6.5-8 lb baby comfortably and be a bit snug to snug on a 9-10 lb baby. Anything outside that range depends on the baby's build.

Sitter sets will be noted that they are sitter. Traditionally these sets fit babies 9-12 months and can fit others outside that range depending on the baby. 

Can I rush order?

Depending on the situation, yes. Rush orders are $25, plus a $5 upgrade to priority.

What is the wait time? When will my item ship?

Due to the hand made and popular nature of Avonli Baby products, please allow 4-8 days for shipment on items. Any items that are preorder will note that, and pre orders can be as long as a 32 day wait period. We appreciate your patience in this and look forward to getting your items to you. 

Do you do a discount for photographers? Do you trade items for images?

At this time I do not send out many items for trade in order to keep up with my current orders. My client base is also mainly photographers, so I do not offer discounts in that regard. Thank you for the many requests in this though! I'm so flattered and grateful you are all here!

How do you ship?

I ship USPS First Class or priority for baby wear, parcel post for large props. Items take approximately 1-5 days (ship time only) depending on location once shipped within US. Intl times vary. All orders include tracking.

How can I share an image with you?

Send it to me @avonlibaby on FB or IG. I adore seeing your images, and love it when you do! I just love being tagged as well and given credit for the design, it makes my day!

Always attend to child while wearing Avonli Products. They are for prop purposes, and custom.  Always attend to child while using props, and a knowledge of correct safety posing and composites are recommended by Avonli. Avonli is not responsible for user error.

Items in shop are my original designs, do not copy.

Thank you for being here!