Avonli (ah-vun-lee) started seven years ago in my spare bedroom. We had one little girl and I was home with her doing newborn photography. Realizing I could make props for the photographers I admired, Avonli was born. The name Avonli Cottage was inspired from Anne of Avonlea and my love of all things Jane Austen. My own name, Camilla, is also English inspired and I pretend there might be Austen blood in there somewhere. A few years ago I dropped the cottage and Avonli continued.

 In the beginning it was important to me to be innovative and be able to provide employment to other moms. This is still my main goal; success should always be shared. Avonli has grown to include a team of talented mom seamstresses and makers. I wouldn't have it any other way. I've added two more little ones to my family since the beginning and I'm proud to show my daughters the mom hustle. Every order is packaged by me, and sometimes little hands help tie the last bows before these pretty items are sent to their homes.  

We love these items, we love designing, and we love seeing them in your work and on your littles. Thank you for including us on your journey, and thanks for being here. As my original Avonli Cottage tagline once said, 'Enjoy your stay.' ;)